Due to the current situation, all classes have been moved online. 

Contact me for timetables, prices & bookings. Discounts apply when purchasing class packages and for private groups.

All options below are available for private sessions as well.

Pilates Stretches
Yoga Class


Movement & breath

Dynamic and energising 45, 60 or 90 minute classes with creative sequencing of postures linked in a special way, creating heat in the body and connecting movement with breath.

A mix of strengthening and lengthening postures are offered in standing, seated and inverted postures. Suitable for all levels, expect a challenge but also many modifications and use of props to create an accessible, fun and safe practice.

Basic and intermediate levels are welcome.


A program to introduce you to the fundamentals of yoga

My Yoga Foundations course is designed for both new students and for those who are getting back to yoga and would like a refresher, or deeper understanding of the basic elements - asana (physical postures), pranayama (breath control), among others.

It can be done individually or in small groups.


Relax & unwind

My restorative classes are designed to relax the body and settle the mind. Structured around a very slow flow focusing on just a few key postures, using different yoga props (yoga blocks, bolsters, straps) and linking movements with breath, wrapping up with a short meditation.


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